What are the Health Benefits Of Coffee?

coffee health benefits

A few years ago, there were studies saying that coffee can be associated with cancer.These are certain doubts people always have in their mind regarding coffee.

Is it healthy to drink coffee?
What are the Health Benefits of Coffee?
Is coffee by any chance cause cancer?
Is coffee good or bad for you?

We will try to answer all these questions in this article.

Earlier, there were some study results pointing that coffee can be associated with cancer. But later, it was recounted by some other researchers mentioning that the above report of coffee causing cancer is not correct.

Instead, It was said that coffee provides lots of benefits to our body.

Health Benefits of Coffee, Based on Research

As per Harvard researchers coffee if consumed regularly, can improve our mood and can be a cure for a headache.

Also, they mentioned that coffee can even consider a treatment for colon cancer and diabetics. Coffee has the power to lessen dental cavity risks.

Coffee has the power to lessen dental cavity risks.

Research indicates that regular coffee drinkers are 80 percent less likely to have Parkinson’s disease.

While 2-cups-a-day drinkers can reduce the risk of colon cancer by 25 percent and 80 percent in liver cirrhosis risk.  It can even slash the risk of gallstones by 50 percent.

There are even some studies showing that people who smoke and drink severely, have less probability of heart and liver destruction because of their coffee consumption.

Coffee also has antioxidants such as chlorogenic acid and tocopherols.These antioxidant and caffeine present in coffee are the reason for these health benefits.

Even the available Parkinson drugs incorporate certain derivatives of caffeine as their constituent.

The antioxidant mineral components present in coffee (chlorogenic acid and tocopherols) can improve insulin sensitivity, body’s response to insulin.

Why coffee odors good and has a harsh taste?

Certain studies conducted in Europe quoting that coffee contains the compound trigonelline which gives coffee the pleasant smells and the bitter taste.

Trigonelline is antibacterial and anti-adhesive which provides health benefits such as prevention from the development of dental cavities.

Can Everybody Consume Coffee?

Unluckily, everyone cannot take drink coffee. It is always recommended to completely avoid coffee by those people who have the symptoms of,
Heart problems
Anxiety attacks
High cholesterol levels
Bladder and kidney problems
Pregnant women
Patients with a high threat of osteoporosis.

Disadvantages Of Consuming Coffee

Caffeine can cause Infertility

Coffee consumption by pregnant ladies may reason in miscarriages and low birth weight among babies

The caffeine overstimulates the nervous system, making the adrenal glands work overboard which in turn can cause nervousness, anxiety and fast heartbeat.

Coffee reduces the capability of necessary mineral absorption of bones and leads to weak bones and osteoporosis risks.

Coffee can be addictive which can cause withdrawal symptoms in some people. Withdrawal symptoms are like headaches, less energy and alertness, lack of focus, short temper and at times depression.

Too much consumption of Coffee can cause a certain impact on your body skin also. It can surge the possibility of forming stretch marks on the skin.

Another possible impact of Caffeine may be weight gain.Though it is cited that coffee drinkers possibly will lose weight initially, but after continued consumption for a longer period of time, Caffeine may lead to weight gain.

So as like any other food and beverage, coffee also has its own good and bad impacts.  Over consumption of coffee will definitely have undesirable health hazards?


Whether coffee can be a health drink is completely depends on the person’s health status. It is useful in many ways if consumed in the limit. Also to be avoided by people having existing diseases and by pregnant women. Over consumption is dangerous.
Hope you got an understanding of the health benefits of coffee in this article.Don’t forget to leave your valuable feedback in the comment section below.